Low-Calorie Tiramisu (Made with Ricotta)

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Ladyfingers, packaged – 12 cookies
Ricotta cheese, fat free – 1 cup
Black coffee, cooled – ¼ cup + 1 tsp (for ricotta mixture)
Cream cheese, fat free – 3 tbsp*
Truvia baking blend – 2 tbsp **
Cocoa powder (for dusting) – 1 tbsp

* I used fat-free cream cheese for more resemblance with the texture of a regular tiramisu. You can omit cream cheese completely or replace it with 3 tbsp of ricotta.
** Not a fan of stevia? Replace it with 4 tbsp of your favorite sugar.


1. Combine ricotta cheese, cream cheese, coffee (1 tsp) and truvia blend in a food processor until thoroughly combined and very smooth, about 2-3 minutes.
2. Pour remaining coffee in a small shallow dish. Dip each ladyfinger into coffee just for a few seconds (don’t soak them for too long otherwise your ladyfingers will fall apart). Lay the soaked ladyfingers tightly in a small baking pan (I used 6 x 4 inch pan. If you want to make a larger tiramisu dessert, just double all the ingredients and use a 9x 13 inch pan).
3. Spread evenly the half of the ricotta mixture over the layer of ladyfingers. Place the second layer of ladyfingers and the remaining ricotta mixture.
4. Cool in a fridge for a few hours (I do overnight). When serving, dust with the cocoa powder.

Bon appétit!


Basic information:
 Prep time: 5 min
 Total time: 5 min + >2 hours for chilling
 Serves: 6


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